Lunch in Georgetown….

Penang has a lot of old heritage buildings especially in Georgetown. One has to walk around to enjoy all this.

I was having lunch @ Mizi Bistro in New World Park on Shatow Lane ( you can read more on this on my food blog) and this area has a lot of old buildings where they have been restored beautifully and also painted colourfully. 😊

20121209-020929 PM.jpg

20121209-021005 PM.jpg

20121209-021022 PM.jpg

20121209-021038 PM.jpg

Take a walk around Georgetown and each corner you take, will surprise you either with beauty or with food.

4 thoughts on “Lunch in Georgetown….

  1. The last and only time I was in Georgetown was in 1989. I remember an area with a great number of outdoor restaurants which were packed and had great food. It was a lot of fun and I’d love to return someday. Meanwhile I’ll follow your blog and check out the food one. Maybe then I’ll know what I’m eating!

    • Thanks for visiting my blog. Georgetown still has a lot of outdoor street food vendors and always as packed till late night. Georgetown has changed a lot since 1989 with more cars and buildings but it has still maintained the heritage buildings and, it culture, food and also the celebrations too. One thing for sure, dun expect to get the food at the same price back in 1989. LOL!! (I wished I could. =) )

      Again, thanks for following my blog.

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