Street Art around town; of a different kind

Street art around town? You must be thinking of graffiti? Well it is not really graffiti.

I was in Georgetown on the Penang Island a few weeks back and I heard about a guy who did wall paintings. (Guess I was too ignorant bout it) and I took a trip there to do some ‘Wall  painting Hunt’

It was done by a guy who came to a Georgetown, Malaysia and did wall painting of children on historical building during the Penang Georgetown Festival. The guy’s name was Ernest Zacharevic, a Lithuanian artist. His painting was really different and it had painting and also old items attached to it …. like a story behind it.

Just have a look at the pictures below.. and you can see what I mean.

DSC_0821 2 little children enjoying riding an old bicycle.

DSC_0842 Can you c the old man with his hand?

DSC_0868Tris haw rider waiting for a customer

IMG_0719Kids on a ‘sampan’ near the jetty

 IMG_0721A boy on an  old motorbike.

IMG_0752 A llittle girl ….. haha.. this one looks a little scary especially her eyes. Reminds me of a scary movie but I just couldn’t remember the name of the show.

IMG_0722 Lastly … a little boy playing with dinosaur as if it was hit little pet.

A matter of fact… you can rent a bicycle and go around the little street and searching for the wall painting where some can be easily found while some you just have to open your eyes bigger to look for it. …. more like a wall painting hunt. Lol. But dun worry… there is a map which you can get from the Tourist information or the other best is look for the crowd as you will see people queuing up to take pictures next to the painting.

5 thoughts on “Street Art around town; of a different kind

  1. Fantastic art! I also heard that some Southeast Asian countries promote wall art and graffiti to enhance the look of the cities and towns! Of course, you can’t go painting all over town but some designated areas are allowed! Isn’t that great? A whole city is your canvas!

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