Another lamb meat in hot pot

I thought teeters at dinner will be something easy on my stomach but I was wrong … Totally wrong. It was lamb meat in hot pot again. 2 days in a row!! but it was in a different place. Thank my lucky stars but it was still a strain to me stomach.

20121130-072259 AM.jpg
As usual, the places are in Taiwan are always pack during dinner especially the famous one. This one we had to wait for quite a while. By the time we sat down on the small little stools, tr food we ordered came quite fast.

20121130-072529 AM.jpg

20121130-072534 AM.jpg

20121130-072539 AM.jpg

20121130-072543 AM.jpg

20121130-072547 AM.jpg

20121130-072608 AM.jpg

20121130-072613 AM.jpg
The place was much better than the night before both in food and also the ventilation but it was still hot.


18 thoughts on “Another lamb meat in hot pot

    • Thanks for dropping by my blog. =). Yes… it is something quite special and the people there will eat the lamb meat hot pot during the winter season, and during the summer all the lamb meat shops will be closed.

    • It is too heaty for the body to have lamb during summer as it is already warm and hot. They sell it during the cool and cold period so that people eat lamb to keep their body warm. I also would not want to eat lamb during summer as chances of one falling sick is high!! =).

      • aw i thought after the lamb then eat icecream to compensate the heaty-ness. What do you recommend for summer in Taipei?
        I’m curious, where are you from?

        • Well.. it is nice to drink the fruity Taiwan beer after that instead of an ice cream. They have wonderful fruity beer here in Taiwan; mango, pineapple, peach and apple flavour beer. Summer in Taipei? Wow.. that’s the time I would avoid at all cost if I can as it is really hot. Was there once and …. I melted.. (Guess this summer I have to be in Taiwan again for meeting =( . I will me melting again). I am from Malaysia. How about yourself?

          • a fruit beer? how strange! I’ll definitely try it, but is it sold everywhere?
            haha hopefully all the tourists will have the same thinking as you, then I have Taipei all to myself XD except for meeting going people like you..but you guys won’t be crowding tourist spots right? haha
            I’m from Malaysia too! Which part??

          • Yup.. Fruit beer. Let me catch a picture and u know what I mean since I m in Taiwan now. =P. Follow me on my instragram. Opps I forgot. You may have missed the tourists in Jul but you will have to fight it out with the locals as that time is their summer vacation too. Packed with people. Ohh.. a fellow Msian. Me.. a PJ’rian. yourself?

          • You seem to spend a lot of time in Taiwan, mainly for work? I don’t have an instagram account though XD
            Even the working class have summer vacations? That is not fair, Malaysia should have some vacations too even if we don’t have summer or winter.
            I’m from Penang Island, nice to meet you 😀

          • haha. you can say that if nearly 4 times yearly trip is a lot. Yes, it is mainly for work purpose. I remember I have a picture of the fruity beer somewhere.. but cant remember which one. LOL!!

            Yup, you are right. The working class also take holiday during summer with their family. Well.. Malaysia ‘summer’ holideay is called year end holidays.. =)

            Nice meeting you.. a fellow Penang Msian blogger here. =)

          • all the more reasons to get one while you’re there! Or is it only available during winter? Noooooo 😦
            The working class take holidays within Taiwan itself? Ah, but the year end holidays are only for school-goers! As far as I know we don’t have month long holidays for people to take..?

          • well.. each time I am in Taiwan, I will be mostly in Hsinchu. So I guess I know Hsinchu with one eye close. LOL!! The lamb pot is on sale from Sep till about Apr as these times are much cooler. So dun worry. you still can get to eat it if you come during these times. Yes, usually Taiwanese will take holidays within Taiwan itself as there are still many place to go.
            Yup… when you start working, we do not have long long holidays. At most is 2 wks else… haha…
            As for the fruit beer, you can look at my blogs on instragam space. I will putting it up soon as I manage to capture a picture in 7-11. So, keep a look out on it. =)

          • Hsinchu is the place where it is similar to the science park in Kulim and FIZ in Penang yes? Are you by any chance working in Wafer Fabrication industry or anything related?
            Haha, TSMC is the only company I know in Hsinchu XD
            Ah, I’ll be going in July. Maybe some other time with more luck on the lamb hot pot.
            Sure thing! So it’s available in 7-11! Ok, I will add that to my list…

          • Yes, you are right. Hsinchu is a Science Park same like Kulim AND FIZ. I am not working in wafer fab but the line I am in is related to IC. Are you in this industry also?

            Oh u r going to Taiwan in Jul? Me also (again. haha) I dun think they will have lamb hot pot then. Too hot. Maybe lot of Tainan mangoes.=)

          • Ahaa, yes I’m also in this industry also. Microelectronics. XD
            Yup! In the second week of July. I love mangoes!
            By the way have you traveled from Taipei to Taichung by train before?

          • aaahh.. sama gang. =) haha.. looking at my calender and yes I am in Taiwan on 2nd week too.

            Yes, I have traveled by train and also THSR to Tainan and Kaohsiung but not I did not stop in Taichung. I just pass through Taichung. Going for holiday in Taichung?

          • Haha interesting!
            Yes it’s sort of a break after my internship and 15 years of non-stop of schooling. First going to Taipei, then Sarawak (maybe Sabah?)
            Nah, just wondering if there is time for Taichung or Tainan. But probably not in one week I’m guessing? I don’t know, what say you from your experience?

          • IC. Heard Sarawak is a nice place to go especially the National Park.

            I have been to Tainan; 2 days 1 night. Went by trainbut do make sure you book earlier as it may be full on the days you want to travel and also summer vacation. In Tainan, they are famous for their snack food. I was in Tainan on my last trip. I am in the midst of editing my photos of my Tainan trip but not sure when it will be up as I still haven’t completed my Thailand series yet. LOL!! It may a couple of weeks or mths later.

            Taichung is also nice but I did not really explore there (yet) but they have one of the largest night market; Fen Jia night market too. So I am not able to tell you much about Taichung but I can for Tainan. =)

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