Lunch @ JTean Kitchen SS2 Mall

New eating place for me but not first time in this mall. The mall still look deserted with lots of empty shop lots since I last visited here a few months back. Still kinda looks the same except for seeing a new office lot occupied by Public Mutual. Aside from that it is quite a pathetic mall. Anyway had lunch at JTean Kitchen and the food is ok. Here some photos of food (again). Haha….

20121124-022912 PM.jpg

20121124-022919 PM.jpg

20121124-022925 PM.jpg

20121124-022932 PM.jpg


15 thoughts on “Lunch @ JTean Kitchen SS2 Mall

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      Thanks again!!

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    • Thanks for visiting my blog. I am happy to hear that you have decided to bookmark my site in Pls do keep dropping in as it does keep me motivated to blog more.

      Thanks again.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog hope you enjoyed. As for eating I must eat heart healthy since my heart attack, no salt, have you tried eating without salt??

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